Want tax Income tax refund quickly? Just respond to income tax department’s email

To give relief to taxpayers during the coronavirus lockdown, the income tax department is issuing all pending income tax refunds up to 5 lakh now. In just one week, the taxman has already released 4,250 crore refunds to 10.2 lakh assesses.
In some cases the income tax department chooses to get a confirmation from the taxpayer by sending emails before processing the refund claim. Around 1.74 lakh such income tax assesses are yet to respond to the emails leading to a delay in processing of such claims.
Income tax department’s email seeking confirmation for refund
Dear Taxpayer,

It is seen that a claim of refund has been made in the Income Tax Return <Acknowledgement number> for <Assessment Year> filed by you on <Date>.

Your Income Tax Return has been selected under risk management process wherein your confirmation is required on the claim of refund. You are requested to submit your response in the e-Filing Portal post login by selecting either of the following options:

The claim of refund is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief

Return of Income is being revised wherein, correct claim of refund shall be made

To submit the above mentioned response, please login to e-Filing portal, Go to Worklist->For Your Action-> Response for Refund Confirmation.

Please verify the claims made in your Return of Income filed and submit your response accordingly. In case of any incorrect claims, please revise your Income Tax Return (ITR).

Please submit your response within 30 days of receipt of this e-mail.

Please ignore this mail, if you have already submitted your response.

Income tax department’s clarification on refund mails

The income tax department said these reminder emails are for the benefit of taxpayers as it seeks them to confirm their outstanding demand, their bank accounts and reconciliation of defect/mismatch prior to issue of refund.

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