Upcoming Due Dates for filing various GST forms.

Due dates for furnishing FORM GSTR  9, FORM  GSTR 9A, FORM GSTR 9C, FORM GST ITC-04, and FORM GST CMP-02, GSTR 1, GSTR 3B have been compiled and indicated as follows:-

Sl. No. GSTR Return Due Date of filing return Remarks
a GSTR 9 31  Aug 2019 Annual Return
b GSTR 9A 31  Aug 2019 Composition dealer’s annual return
c GSTR 9C 31  Aug 2019 Return of registered person , whose annual turnover exceeds Rs 2 Crores
d ITC 04 31  Aug 2019 Details of Goods/Capital Goods sent to Job-worker and received back for the period July  2017- June 2019
e CMP 02 31 July 2019 Opting into the presumptive Taxation  scheme for service providers under Notification 2/2019-CT rate
f GSTR 1 (Monthly) ( for June 2019 ) 11 July 2019 Registered person having aggregate turnover  for more than 1.5 crore in preceding / current financial year
g GSTR 1 (Quarterly) Apr 2019 -June 2019 31 July 2019 Registered person having aggregate turnover  up to  1.5 crore in preceding /current financial year
h GSTR 3B (Monthly) ( for June 2019) 20 July 2019 Monthly return by all the registered taxpayers

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