Tax on Enhanced Compensation for Compulsory Acquisition of Agricultural Land

Shri Baldev Singh Vs ITO (ITAT Delhi)

In the case of Ghanshyam (supra), the Hon’ble Supreme Court held in unequivocal terms that the additional amount u/s 23(1A), solatium under section 23(2) and interest on excess compensation u/s 28 of the Land Acquisition Act form part of enhanced compensation u/s 45(5)(b) and, therefore, is subject to tax u/s 45(5) in the year of receipt.

No contrary view is taken by the Supreme Court in the subsequent judgments and as on the date, law is fairly settled that the amount of interest received u/s 28 of the land Acquisition Act is in the nature of capital gain.


In the case of Hari Singh (supra) while dealing with the similar question under identical set of facts while setting aside the matter to the file of the AO to examine the facts of the case and to apply the law as contained in the Income-tax Act, Hon’ble Supreme Court specifically directs that in case the learned AO finds that the compensation was received in respect of the agricultural land, the tax deposited with the Income-tax Department shall be refunded to the assessee. Hon’ble Supreme Court gave the above direction after noticing the decision in the case of Ghanshyam (supra).

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