Start-Up Funding News :- (13 July 2020-18 July 2020)

  • Vedantu: Edtech Startup (Vedantu) has raised Rs. 749 Crores in its Series D round led by New York-based hedge fund Coatue Management 
  • Magicpin: Hyperlocal discovery platform, Magicpin has raised Rs. 52 Crores in a funding round from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation.
  • Procol: B2B agricultural commodities buying platform, Procol has raised    Rs. 28 Crores in a round led by Sequoia’s Surge. 
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  • Incnut Digital: Media and e-commerce startup, Incnut Digital has raised         Rs. 30 Crores in a Series A funding round led by RPSG Ventures.

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