Registration of Insolvency Resolution Professionals on GST Portal as enabled by CBIC

Insolvency Resolution Professionals/ Resolution Professionals (IRPs/RPs), appointed to undertake corporate insolvency resolution proceedings for Corporate Debtors, in terms of Notification. No 11/2020-CT, dated 21st March 2020 can apply for a new registration on GST Portal, on behalf of the Corporate Debtors, in each of the States or Union Territories, on the PAN and CIN of the Corporate Debtor, where the corporate debtor was registered earlier, within thirty days of their appointment as IRP/RP.

The person appointed as IRP/RP shall be the Primary Authorized Signatory for the newly registered Company.
The change in Primary Authorized Signatory details on the portal can be done either by the authorized signatory of the Company or by the concerned jurisdictional officer

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