What is Partnership Registration?

Partnership firms are the popular forms of business constitution that are owned, controlled and managed by Partners for divisible profit. Partnership firm is the second most popular type of business entity in our country after proprietorship.

For Partnership Registration, Partners must agree on a firm name and then establish  partnership firm through a partnership deed. 

A Partnership deed, also known as a partnership agreement, is a document that outlines in detail the rights and responsibilities of all partners to a business operation.

It has the force of law and is designed to guide the partners in the conduct of the business.

Partnership Registration can be effectively completed by DhanTax (Business Consultant)  in Delhi NCR,Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai & Bikaner,Tripura and other Indian cities.

If you want to register your Partnership firm then you can consult with DhanTax.
DhanTax expert team will help you with new partnership firm formation procedure.

Procedure For Company Registration

Complete our Partnership Form

You need to fill our Partnership registration form and submit documents for registration of partnership.

Verification of Documents

Details provided by you will be verified and then we shall go for partnership deed drafting.

Partnership Deed Drafting

We will draft customise partnership deed which will satisfy decision of all partners

Apply for TAN & PAN

We will create all the required documents and file all required documents with Registrar on your behalf.

Your work is completed

Once Partnership firm is registered, we shall send you all the documents and partnership deed.

Documents Required For Company Registration

  • Copy of Partners Pan Card

  • Copy of Partners Adhar Card or ID Card

  • Notarised True copy of the Partnership Deed

  • Rent agreement or ELectricity Bill for proof of ownership of Business

  • Statement in Form 1 with the prescribed fees

What is included In Our Partnership Registration Package?


Drafting of Partnership Deed


Name search & approval




Partnership Pan Card

Advantages of Registration of Partnership

  • Easy Formation

    Formation of Partnership Firm is easy and not much legal formalities are involved in Registration of .Partnership Firm can start its business immediately after entering into Partnership Deed.

  • No Annual Returns

    The Registrar of Firms does not require the Partnership Firms to file Annual Returns like the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in case of Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships. As the annual compliances are lesser, it reduces efforts and cost for the Partnership Firm.

  • No Statutory Audit

    A Partnership Firm is not required to file Audited financial statements with the Registrar of Firms. Therefore a Partnership Firm is not required to get its books of accounts audited. However, it might be necessary as per the provisions of Income Tax Act, to do Tax Audit if turnover exceeds prescribed limits.

  • Winding up

    Winding up of a Partnership Firm can be done by simply entering into a dissolution deed.

  • Sharing of Risk

    In partnership every partner bears the risks individually and equally as it is easier compared to sole proprietorship.

3 Steps For Partnership Registration

1. Application of Partnership Firm Registration with Registrar :

All the above mentioned documents will be submitted by DhanTax Team to the Registrar of firms of the state.

2. Issuance of Certificate :

After submitting documents & Fees, A certificate of Registration of partnership issued by the Registrar, and a copy of certificate of Registration should be given to all the partners of firm.

3. Application for PAN & TAN :

Application for PAN & TAN will be done with the Income Tax department to comply with Any legal future compliances.

Concerns Related To Private Limited Company

  • Minimum 2 Partners
  • No Fixed Minimum Capital Requirement

Benefits from Partnership Registration

If you register your Partnership then following benefits available

Partner Can sue firm:

A partner in an unregistered partnership firm cannot sue the firm for enforcing any rights under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

Claim Money

Partners Can claim Setoff in a dispute with a third party.

Take Legal action

The firm can sue third parties for any breach of contract

Frequently Asked Questions

you have to deposit the capital amount which is required to maintain your current bank account balance. so you can show any amount of the capital for the same. there are no requirements like the private limited company registration.

Followings annual compliance for the partnership firm are needs to maintained – 1 Partnership firm Income Tax Return 2 Partners Income Tax Return 3 Partnership firm GST Return Filing

Partnership Deed Registration with Registrar of firms is an optional activity.

No, every activity is online with DhanTax but you have to just take the printout on the stamp paper & notarized the same which is will  require  your physical presence for signature purpose.

DhanTax can register Partnership firm within 15-20 days. The time took also depends on relevant documents provided by the applicant and speed of approvals from government. To ensure speedy registration, please pick a unique name for the proposed Partnership and make sure you have all the required documents prior to starting the registration process.

There is absolutely no hidden charges. DhanTax Package charges are inclusive of every charges. DhanTax will send you an Bill with mentioning word “no hidden charges”. DhanTax team will provide professional service efficiently for your business growth.

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