Main Objects (Memorandum of Association) of Media and Broadcasting company for Company Registration

Main Objects (Memorandum of Association) of Media and Broadcasting company for Company Registration

 #1. To carry on the business of broadcasting, telecasting, relaying, transmitting, distributing or running any video, audio, voice, or other programmes or software, (both proprietary and third party) over television, radio, internet, telecom or any other media.

#2.To carry on the business of Cable services encompassing distribution, relaying, transmission of signals including but not limited to TV, voice over Internet Protocol, Video On Demand or any other services through cable within and outside India by means of any system.

#3.To offer internet based services including but not limited to offering international and domestic voice, voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP), Broadband internet, wireless, data and hosting services to business and residential retail customers and other carriers located in the territory of India and to apply and obtain licenses to carry on these objects.

#4.To create/raise infrastructure of dark fibers, right of way, duct space & tower for relaying and transmission of signals for internet and telecom based cable services to end subscribers and customers in Indian territory, to offer such infrastructure to others business establishment on lease and commercial terms and to apply and obtain licenses to carry on these objects.

#5.To receive, buy, sell, procure, develop, produce, commission, decrypt, aggregate, turnaround, encrypt and distribute various kinds of entertainment contents/software (programmes), data for their aggregation, exhibition, distribution and dissemination on TV channels / TV signals / video and audio signals, be it satellite TV channels or terrestrial TV channels or cable channels or through any other mode or through encryption, decryption of signals / channels using existing and/or emerging technologies, including distribution via internet, distribution via internet protocol or webcasting or exhibition in cinema and/or video theater in all forms, be it an analogue signals or digital signals or through sale of physical material like cassettes including audio cassettes, video cassettes, digital video discs, CD ROM’s etc. and any emerging technology.

#6.To carry on business of assemble, put to place, set up, plant, establish, develop, acquire, purchase, launch, relaunch, hire, lease, time share, manage, maintain, operate, run, replace, sale, upgrade, or otherwise commercially exploit, satellite, space craft, ground station assets, transponders, control stations, via uplink or downlink or otherwise for the purpose of transmitting relaying, telecommunicating, broadcasting, narrowcasting, telecasting, any form of radio, audio, video signals both terrestrially and spatially including obtaining rights of distribution and marketing of communication signals and electronic data by means of satellite, wireless, wire or other electronic or mechanical methods of delivery or otherwise and to providing consultancy services relating to telecommunication, satellite, transponder, communication, broadcasting network systems, mobile systems, telephony, information technology and exploiting software associated with provision and management of telecommunication and broadcasting / channel distribution services.

#7.To carry on primarily the business of producing programs and films for the media, time bookings, consultancy on electronic media by way of buying and selling time on contract basis or otherwise with television, radio and allied media, and for establishing necessary infrastructure to produce programs and materials for the above mentioned media and to air them through existing media, feasibility studies, marketing consumer products, business, of professional advisors, agents and consultants for all kinds of companies or firms, government and other individual or association of persons particularly on advertisement, publicity, exhibitions and commutation.

#8.To carry on the business of printing, publishing, circulating or otherwise dealing in any daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly newspaper, magazines, periodicals, journals or other publications on all issues and to start, acquire, print and generally and also to become owners of newspapers and magazines as aforesaid.

#9.To act as representatives of any company, firm or person and to undertake and transact all kinds of agency business and to appoint agents and establish agencies or branches of the Company in any part of the world except managing agency business.

#10.To carry on, the business of producers, exhibitors, owners, licensees of motion pictures, films, serials, soaps, sequences, audio / video clips, documentaries, advertising, commercial, religious, educational and all other programmes of all kinds in digital and other formats and to organize, operate, manage, undertake conduct events, entertainment programmes, cultural events, exhibitions, trade fairs, stalls, shows, reality shows, quiz programmes, song, dance, comedy and other programmes of any genre, competitions, game shows, road shows, below the line and above the line activities, interviews, debates, discussions, and all other types of popular programmes on television and other media channels, online, digital and other platforms and to be the dealers and distributors of all such programmes, through audio, video cassettes, disks, other electronic and digital devices.

#11.To act as advertising, marketing, business promotion experts, brand promotion experts, publicity agents / representatives and to design and develop mobile and other applications, unique characters for brand promotion, advertisement, movie making, and to undertake research and surveys in all sectors and to provide consultancy in marketing, publicity, advertising, sales promotion and related fields and to design brochures, leaflets, themes, concepts, literature, materials, visuals, audio, video clips, events, shows, shoot programmes, below the line and above the line activities and to run advertisement portals and to carry on digital advertisement sales and services.

#12.To sell, distribute, transfer, provide news content, movies, programmes in audio, visual medium, books, papers, stationery and stationery products, greeting cards, invite cards, periodicals, literature, educational programmes, applications, articles, souvenirs, products, goods, peripherals, through online, digital, portal, and to operate web portal, operating and maintaining digital libraries and to provide franchisee services, call centre services, online services in all business activities of the Company .

#13.To undertake consultancy in and establish or assist in establishing, broadcasting channels, printing and publishing houses, advertising and publicity houses, event management houses, production and processing centres, radio and television stations, content developers, skill development and technical institutes and institutions in the field of printing, publishing, broadcasting, media, television, radio, newspapers, journalism, photography, communication, news gathering, news analysis, setting up of studios, news rooms, radio / TV channels, programming, event management, content development, business management, and to take up designing, development and operationalising software programmes for such purposes and to offer communication and other equipments on rent.

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