Main Object of Consultants and Advisers Company for company Registration

Main Object of Company MOA for Consultants and Advisers

#1 To render consultancy and advisory services in the fields of investment, finance, management, secretarial, legal, administrative including economic, industrial and taxation.

#2 To carry on the business or vocation to act as a consultants and advisers on all matters and problems related to the Technical Industries, civil, administration, finance and organization, management, commencement or expansion of industry, purchasing techniques and business (including construction of plants and buildings) production, purchases, sales, material and cost control marketing, advertisement, publicity, personnel, export and import to and for institutions, concerns, bodies, associations (incorporated or unincorporated), departments and services of the Government, public or local authorities, trusts, scientific research and Development Centers, and to be appointed as technical, financial, industrial administration, civil consultants.

#3 To investigate on behalf of any company, corporation, body corporate, industries, firm, association or any person and collect data and information and submit reports and details on feasibility of new projects and/or improvements to and/or expansion of existing projects; and diagnose operational difficulties and weaknesses and suggest remedial measures to improve and modernize existing units.

#4 To prepare and submit overall and detailed plans for civil and industrial execution to any company, corporation, body corporate, industries, firm, association or any person with regard to new projects and/or improvements and/or expansion of the existing projects.

#5 To enter into any arrangement by way of a turnkey project to involve supply of technical, civil, financial, administrative, plant and merchandise, information, knowledge and experience and as such, undertake for and on behalf of a client to set up any plant or project in or outside India.

#6 To provide management consultancy services to individuals firms, companies bodies corporate, societies, undertakings organizations, institutions, associations, government local authorities and other and to arrange for recruitment and training of personnel required by above entities in India and abroad and including deployment of foreign personnel (immigrants and employees).

#7 To carry on business as consultants in the fields of technology, engineering , process planning, science, undertaking organizations, finance, accounting, commerce, manpower planning, selection and training, behavioral sciences and as technical consultants, efficiency expert, advisers to any person or persons, firm, company, corporation, business, society, association, government, local body & educational institutions in India and other parts of the world.

#8 To carry on the business of consultants and advisers (in India and overseas) to individuals, firms, commercial enterprises, companies, corporations, government, semi-government, local social or other organizations on technical, industrial, commercial, marketing, financial, legal, taxation costing, accounting, personnel (including selection of personnel) industrial, relation, company law, excise, customs, import and export, investment or management matters and to undertake the work of preparing feasibility reports, detailed project exports, techno-economic reports, survey and site selection, designing, testing and/or furnishing process, know-how, plant and/or product designs, preparing, submitting tenders, supervision and execution of all architectural, engineering and installation aspects of works pertaining to buildings, structures, plants, machinery and equipment and to assist and advise for purchase, sale, supply or erection of plant, machinery, buildings and equipment.

#9 To carry on the business of and to at as consultants and advisers in all their respective branches, including without prejudice to the generality of the above matters, technical, commercial, financial or business and in such firm, company or body corporate or authority or Government which may be given or rendered while carrying on such business as aforesaid which (1) efficient methods of management, (2) economy in manufacturing costs or cost of production or administration, (3) increase in production, (4) handling of financial, commercial, industrial and technical dealings with and in particular agreements for collaboration, joint ventures or the acquisition or disposal of assets including the know-how, (5) rendering of all services whether incidental to the above.


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