Know the details that will be automatically pre-filled in ITR-1 by Income Tax Department- ITR eFiling

In order to make the tax filing process easier for individuals, the income tax department this year is providing ITR-1 pre-filled with salary, FD interest income and TDS details of taxpayers.

Earlier, these details were required to be manually entered by the individual in the form. 

As per the latest updates of the income tax website, if you are a salaried person and filing ITR 1 through the website, then certain details will be prefilled from the last year ITR data, 26AS and from Form 24Q.

Details like salary income, deductions details, bank details, TDS details etc will be prefilled.

The software will use your PAN to fetch these details.

These fields will be auto-filled. However, they are editable and in case there is a mismatch or mistake in the pre-filled data, you can correct the figures.

It is to be noted that this facility is available for only those tax-filers who are eligible to file ITR-1 and choose to file it on the e-filing website

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