Is it mandatory to file ITR even if your annual income is less than Rs 5 lakh/annum?

As per the tax experts, any individuals are earning  an annual income above Rs 2.5 lakh but less than Rs 5 lakh, they must file their ITR otherwise they won’t be able to claim the income tax benefit up to Rs 5 lakh as announced in the union budget 2019.
If your income is up to Rs 5 Lakhs you pay zero tax, but you must still file ITR. The income tax exemption is Rs 2.5 Lakhs a year for citizens below 60 years and Rs 3 Lakhs a year for senior citizens between 60 to 80 years. If you are earning anything above these limits, it’s compulsory to file ITR.
Taxpayer can claim a rebate on tax payable if the taxable income is up to Rs 5 Lakhs under Section 87A. If your income is up to Rs 5 Lakhs and you don’t file ITR, you will get a tax notice. Filing ITR is mandatory if your income is more than the basic exemption limit (Rs 2.5 Lakh a year) for citizens below 60.

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