Intimation of Registered Office of Company to Registrar of Companies

The company shall furnish to the Registrar verification of its registered office within a period of thirty daysof its incorporation.

Comments: Verification of Registered Office

(1) The verification of the registered office shall be filed in Form No.INC. 22along with the fee,

(2) There shall be attached to said Form, any of the following documents, namely :-

(a) the registered document of the title of the premises of the registered office in the name of the company; or

(b) the notarized copy of lease or rent agreement in the name of the company along with a copy of rent paid receipt not older than one month;

(c) the authorization from the owner or authorized occupant of the premises along with proof of ownership or occupancy authorization, to use the premises by the company as its registered office; and

(d) the proof of evidence of any utility service like telephone, gas, electricity, etc. depicting the address of the premises in the name of the owner or document, as the case may be, which is not older than two months.

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