How to Respond to Outstanding Income Tax Demand intimation U/s. 143(1)

Outstanding Income Tax demand arises when taxpayer’s tax as per Income Tax Return is less than the tax payable as per calculation of  Income Tax Department.

You can go through given below step and pay the outstanding tax if you agree or disagree the outstanding demand.

Perform the following steps for online payment of outstanding tax demand.

Step 1 Login to ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2 Go to the ‘e-File’ menu located at upper-left side of the page ⇒ Click ‘Response to Outstanding Tax Demand’
Step 3 Click on the hyperlink Submit located under Response column (To respond Outstanding Tax Demand)
Step 4 Taxpayer has to select one of the following options:

  • Demand is correct (Once confirmed then you cannot ‘Dis-agree with the Demand’)
  • Demand is partially correct (Enter the both amount which is correct and which is incorrect)
  • Disagree with the Demand(Provide the details for disagreement along with reasons)
  • Demand is not correct but agree for adjustment (Once confirmed then you cannot Dis-agree with the Demand)
Step 5 Click ‘Submit’

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