How to read tax intimation notice under section 143(1)

Once the income tax department has processed your income tax return (ITR), it sends you an intimation notice under section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act.

This notice is sent to you on your registered email address as registered in your e-filing account to inform you

whether the income tax calculation in the ITR filed by you matches that of the tax department as per the records/other sources of information they have.

Intimation notice received by you under section 143(1) will show one of the following things:
A) Your income details, deductions claimed and tax calculations match with the tax department’s assessments and calculations: In this case the notice will show both tax payable and refundable as zero.
B) Additional tax demand notice: When, as per the tax department’s assessment, you have not added a particular income to your ITR or wrongly claimed a deduction or calculated your tax incorrectly due to which there is additional tax payable on it. This would show as a tax demand at the end of the notice.
C) Income tax refund: As per the income tax department’s assessment, if you have paid additional taxes compared to your actual tax liability, a tax refund is due to you.

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