How to improve your Low CIBIL Score

Steps to improve online loans approval & low Credit Score

i. Check your credit report

Checking credit report will inform where your cibil score is getting down and how it’s affecting your CIBIL score.

It is important to correct the mistakes committed while borrowing to improve your credit score. This will eventually benefit by getting easy approvals for all personal loans.


ii. Don’t delay or miss any payments:

Make sure you pay your Loan EMIs or Credit Card bills on or before due date, as this directly affects your CIBIL Score. Late Payments or missing your due dates will lower your CIBIL score exponentially.


iii. Avoid applying for multiple loans at a time:

Having multiple loans at one time are too a prime cause for the droppings in your CIBIL score.

clear multiple loan and take one loan to cover your emergencies.


iv. Limit the utilization of your credit card:

Using multiple loans and reaching the credit limit every time will also lower your CIBIL Score.

Make sure that you’re not only paying the minimum due but also clearing the entire debt. This will help to improve your CIBIL score.

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