GSTR 3 B is Now more user friendly

Filing GSTR-3B is now made more User friendly -EVC facility starts for pvt ltd
1. Fill either CGST or SGST/UGST amount, other tax will get auto filled.
2. You can now save the Form on confirming details filled in the Table.
3. You can fill balance
details later. Preview Form or download it for cross verifying saved details in any table(s) anytime.
4. No more Submit requirement to freeze details and know the liability.
5. Changes in any table can be made before making payment towards liabilities.
6. Once you proceed to payment, you can also see details of existing balances in cash and
credit ledgers (Table 6.1 – Payments Table).
7. Wow! System suggested Tax Credit (ITC) is already filled for discharging liability.
8. Be aware, it is only suggestion. You can edit the same before finalizing the Return.
9. Once you confirm ITC and cash utilization for payment of tax liability in Payments Table, system does automatic calculation for shortfall in cash ledger.
10. Once you are Ok with shortfall, System will generate pre-filled challan for shortfall and navigate to payments option
11. Once you make online payment, system will navigate back to Payments Table.
12. Satisfied with the details filled, click “Proceed to file”, select authorized signatory,
13. Submit with EVC or DSC.
14. Your Return is filed!
15. You can Track Return status as well as download the Return from through Track Return Status
functionality available at your dashboard
Refer User Manual for detailed steps for filing
Still following issues surfaced yesterday which require resolution at the earliest
1. It failed to addressed the problem of old inter account deposits .
2. It require to be resolved as their refund ( for excess payments or intra account transfer ) procedure is not working. Not a single person has got his money back after filing refund on line.
3. Today we had an instance where, in the payment window of GSTR-3B, the ITC was auto populated and the balance figure were posted in the cash column. However IGST was not auto populated for set off with CGST liability. That had to be done manually. So although it’s mostly automated, some glitches still exists.
4. Unfortunately return which were submitted yesterday are not getting filed. Getting error ‘save the form after page loads’ Moreover removing the facility to edit to those 3B forms submitted yesterday is not understandable.
5. Now portal pop up error as “NET ITC Provided is not equal to ITC Available – ITC Reversed. If error persists quote Error Number RET3B91404 when you contact customer care for quick resolution”.
This error gets generated due to the system error and is not because of any wrong input on the users part. So kindly contact helpdesk
However we welcome the changes.