Compliance Calender of GST under Goods & Services Tax Act, (GST) 2017

Applicable Laws/Acts Due Dates Compliance Particulars Forms/  (Filing mode)
GST, Act, 2017 31.08.2019 Form GSTR-7 (Period: From October 2018 to July 2019)  TDS Deductor) GSTR-7
GST, Act, 2017 10.08.2019 Form GSTR-8 TCS Collector (for the month of July, 2019) GSTR – 8
GST, Act, 2017 11.08.2019 Return of outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services for the Month of July 2019 (for Assesses having turnover exceeding 1.5 Cr.) Monthly Return. GSTR – 1
GST, Act, 2017 13.08.2019 Due date for Furnishing return of July 2019 by Input Service Distributors (ISD) GSTR – 6
GST, Act, 2017 Payment of tax shall be made by 20th of the month succeeding the month to which the liability pertains. Payment of self-assessed tax PMT-08
GST, Act, 2017 18 months after end of the quarter for which refund is to be claimed Application for Refund RFD-10
GST, Act, 2017 20.08.2019 Summary of outward taxable supplies and tax payable by Non-Resident taxable person & OIDAR respectively.(for the month of July, 2019) GSTR-5 & GSTR – 5A
GST, Act, 2017 20.08.2019 Simple GSTR return for the month of July, 2019 GSTR – 3B
GST, Act, 2017 31.07.2019 Registered person having aggregate turnover  up to  1.5 crore in preceding /current financial year(Quarterly Apr 2019 -June 2019) GSTR -1
GST, Act, 2017 31.08.2019 Annual Returns for FY 2017-18 GSTR-9, GSTR-9A & GSTR-9C
GST, Act, 2017 31.08.2019 statement containing the details of payment of self-assessed tax for the quarter April, 2019 to June, 2019, or part thereof GST CMP-08

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