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❇ *NFRA Form 1 (Details of auditor) – Last Date 31st July, 2019* ❇
The ‘National Financial Reporting Authority’ constituted as per sub-section (1) of section 132 of Companies Act, 2013 to provide for matters relating to accounting and auditing standards under the Companies Act, 2013 .


The National Financial Reporting Authority Rules, 2018 published vide Ministry of Corporate Affairs Gazette Notification No. G.S.R. 1111(E) dated 13th November, 2018.
As per Rules 3(1) of – following classes of companies will be governed by NFRA Rules:
(a) Listed companies;
(b) Unlisted companies with paid up capital of INR 500 CR or more or Annual Turnover of INR 1000 CR or more or outstanding loans, debentures and deposit of more than INR 500 Cr or more, as on 31st March of immediate preceding FY
(c) Insurance Companies, banking companies, companies with business of generation or supply of electricity, companies governed with special act or companies incorporated in reference with clauses (b) to (f) of Section 1(4)
(d) Any reference made by Central Government to NFRA authority
(e) Body corporate registered outside India, which is subsidiary or associate company of companies or body corporate registered in India, with income or Net worth of subsidiary or associate company is plus 20% of consolidated income / consolidated Net worth (body corporate as defined in this clause are required to file Form NFRA-1)
Rule 3(2) – Following companies to file Form NFRA-1 (details of auditor) within 30 days from rules been notified:
(f) Private companies
(g) Unlisted companies which are not covered under Rule 3(1)
(h) Any other companies / body corporate which are not governed under NFRA authority and NFRA Rules
Rule 3(3) – Following body corporate to file Form NFRA-1 on appointment of auditor within 15 days:
Body corporate other than companies as defined under Section 2(20) to intimate appointment of auditor within 15 days in Form NFRA-1. Please note that as per Rule 3(2), companies from (a) to (d) are not required to file form NFRA-1.
LINK of MCA Notification dated 13th November, 2018:
*NFRA Form-1 filing Before 31st July, 2019*
In line with the above background, the NFRA Website is active and public can access the website and download Form NFRA-1 on
Further, vide notification no. NF-11/1/2019-O/0 Secy-NFRA dated 1st July , 2019,notified the last date of filling up Form NFRA-1. The Entities as stated in 3(2) and 3(3) of the Gazette Notification dated 13th November, 2018 are required to inform the details of appointment of their auditor to the Authority in Form NFRA-1.
Subsequently, the time limit for filing NFRA-1 will be 30days from deployment of Form on the Website of NFRA In connection to the above, it is intimated that Form NFRA-1 is available on and the last date of filing the same by Entities concerned is 31st July, 2019.
Link of Notification dated 1st July, 2019:

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