All about Form DPT 3-Return of depos

#Q.1 What is Form DPT 3?

DPT 3 is return of deposit.

In order to safeguard the interest of deposit holders or creditors of the Company, the Central Government in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) notified in the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Amendment Rules, 2019 to amend the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014.

The outstanding receipt of all the Money and Loan from 1st April 2014 to 31nd March 2019 (i.e. date of publication of the notice) is required to be reported in e-form DPT-3.

#Q.2 What is the due date of filing Form DPT 3?

Due date of filing of one time form DPT 3 is 29th June 2019, while for annual return DPT 3 is 30th June 2019.


#Q.3 Who should file Form DPT 3?

The MCA has made it necessary for all companies registered in India other than Government Company to file Form DPT-3. Accordingly if you are falling under any category, you should file Form DPT 3. Small companies also are required to file form DPT 3.

Private Limited Company
Public Limited Company
One Person Company (OPC
Small Company
Below is the screenshot of MCA notification issued on 22nd January, 2019.


#Q.4 What are the fees for Filing Form DPT 3?

DPT 3 form filing fees depend on the paid up capital.


#Q.5 What if E Form DPT 3 is not filed in time?

On Company: A fine of minimum INR. 1 crore or twice the amount of deposit so accepted, whichever is lower, which may extend to INR.10 crore, and

On the officers of the Company: Who is in default: imprisonment up to seven years and with a fine of not less than INR. 25 lakh which may extend to INR.2 crore.


#Q.6 What are the documents required to file E Form DPT 3?

Auditor’s certificate
Latest Audited Balance Sheet


#Q.7 Are small companies exempted from filing Form DPT 3?

No, there is no exemption as such. Only government Companies are not required to file Form DPT-3.

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